Driving change successfully needs committed people. Communication and seeking solutions with partners and stakeholders are the key factors for our success.


Passion, efficiency and a high standard of quality for every piece of work. We aim to provide fitting yet flexible solutions for your projects.


Delivering business value is the main objective of every project. Benefit from our expertise, flexibility and innovation to create sustainable values.


RED IDEA About page: Man moving ball of an executive ball clicker.

Change occurs continuously in our world. Innovation of technology, development of markets and customer preferences result in a constantly evolving business environment. Even if the aim of every change is to improve organizations and processes, the ultimate challenge is to change people's mindset. Effective management of change is at the heart of successful projects.

Why do we think that project management is needed to effect a change?
Projects and processes live through committed people. A common vision, transparency, involvement are prerequisites for commitment and business success.

We communicate change. Involve people in the process. Team up with partners and stakeholders. Find fitting yet flexible solutions. Bring solutions to life. Offer project management with passion and expertise. Always in focus: Sustainable benefits.

RED IDEA project management delivers business value and turns ideas into reality.


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